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How it works 


Terms and Conditions 📝


Application Form

1.     Online Speed Pitching is available for all tech-enabled startups with a minimum of 1 Indonesian founding member.

2.  Registrations can be made by filling in the registration form at

3. Successful candidates has been objectively curated by Startupindonesia’s analyst team using SID Points. The results of this selection is final and cannot be contested

4.   Only successful candidates can book their pitching slots with Venture Capitals. This is not available for startups who did not pass our curation process.

5.   Participants registered for the Premium Package have the privilege of booking their pitching slots earlier before other candidates.

6.  Participants are expected to be ready at least 15 minutes before the designated pitching schedule.

7.   Every startup will get 20 minutes in total to present their deck as well as for a Q&A session

8.  Startups consent to giving StartupIndonesia their data to be published

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