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How it works

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Application Period 🙋🏻‍♂️

Online Speed Pitching is available for all tech-enabled startups with a minimum of 1 Indonesian founding member.


Join by clicking the apply button and be mindful about the timeline.

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Announcement 🎉

Successful candidates will be announced and publicly posted on our Data Platform (


Basic Plan

Rp 500.000,-

  1. Total of 1 Pitching Slots 

Premium Plan

Rp 1.500.000,-

  1. Total of 4 pitching slots

  2. Get Pitchdeck feedback

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Speed Pitching Day 🎤

The Speed Pitching event will be conduced through Google Meet. All participants are expected to be ready at least 15 minutes before their pitching session commences.


Every participant will get 20 minutes to pitch to the Venture Capital. This 20 minutes will include the time to present your deck as well as for a QnA session. If you pass this time duration, the StartupIndonesia team has the right to stop you from pitching.

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Curation Process 👀

All candidates will be objectively curated by our analyst team. The result is final and cannot be contested.


We provide services for those who do not pass this curation process such as;  pitch deck feedback and strategy call.

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Choose your slot 👈🏻

Within the confirmation email, you will also receive a link to fill in your pitching slots with VCs of your choosing. This pitching slot selection will be on a first come, first serve basis. So founders, time is of the essence here!

  • How are startups curated ?
    We curate startups using our SID points, which is an Investability scoring derived by the methods used by Venture Capitals. These points are calculated using the logistic regression model which ensures a more accurate and objective scoring based on real market data.
  • If I don't have any traction, can my startup still join the event ?"
    Yes! Our SID Points which we use for the curation process, scores a mix of metrics such as; Founder’s Background, Traction, Market Size, Business Model and Existing Funding. This means that if the startup does not have traction yet, but scores highly in other metrics, there is still a possibility to succeed and pass our curation process.
  • Is the Speed Pitching event open to all industry ?
    Yes, our event is open to startups in every industry. However, several Venture Capitals in our network do have a specific industry they’re interested in. This interest will be disclosed once startups pass our curation process, to ensure that startups meet the right Investors.
  • What language is preferred during pitching day ?
    You are free to pitch in the language you are most comfortable in. However, several Venture Capitals from outside of Indonesia may only understand English. This information will be provided for you once startups pass our curation process, to ensure that startups meet the right Investors.
  • What is the next step after Speed Pitching?
    After the session, Investors will be informing the StartupIndonesia team as to which startup they want to discuss further. Startups which are chosen to talk further with Investors will receive an email from the StartupIndonesia team to connect further with the Venture Capital
  • Can I reconnect with the Venture Capital?
    The StartupIndonesia team will not disclose the Venture Capital’s contact to Startups if Investors are not interested in a further discussion. However, if Investors share their contact willingly during the session, startups can contact them directly.
  • When is the next Speed Pitching event?
    StartupIndonesia hosts our Speed Pitching event every quarter, this means there will be 4 Speed Pitching events in a year. We will have a different line up of Venture Capitals at every event.
  • Which Venture Capital should I pitch to?
    When choosing a Venture Capital, remember to read the information we have provided in the excel sheet for choosing your pitching slot. This information will tell you the industry preferred by the Venture Capital, the Ticket Size of the Venture Capital, the Language you have to pitch to them with. If you want to be even more prepared, you are free to research on their past portfolios to see more on startups they have invested beforehand.
  • Do you have any tips during the Speed Pitching event?
    Here are a few tips and tricks from the StartupIndonesia team on pitching to investors: Please do not be late to your pitching session Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection Try your best not to read every word on your presentation Present your deck in an engaging way to ensure that Venture Capitals stay interested Try to minimise your pitch to allow more time for the QnA session Please do your own research on the Venture Capital before pitching to them to know more about their interests
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